Region 16 Spotlight Education: Libraries awarded $5,000 grant

Pronews 7's Region 16 Spotlight Education report is Amarillo Independent School District is celebrating the news that six of it's school's libraries have been awarded a Laura Bush Foundation for America Libraries grant. Which means, they'll be able to use $5,000 each to buy books. As you can imagine, that money can go a long way.

Only 214 schools were awarded the grant nationwide. Of the 45 schools that received the grant here in Texas, six were in AISD. They are Carver Academy, Glenwood Elementary, Humphrey's Highland Elementary, Margaret Wills Elementary, Sanborn Elementary, and Palo Duro High School. For Sanborn's librarian, she's already decided on how to spend the $5,000 rewarded to her school to help expand, update and diversify their collection.

" T he purchase that I will purchase will be for kindergarten through second grade level, the beginning readers most of them will be bilingual so I can use the books both ways. I can use them for my English readers and my Hispanic readers," said Marsha Pronger, Sanborn Elementary Librarian.

Pronger says she's also hoping the books will help Spanish speaking parents, learn English, and vice versa. She adds, the newly purchased books will also help teachers with their lesson plans.

" T hese books will be used by the students, by the parents and by the teachers in their classrooms in addition to the things they do with the children. I think it will advance them in all their work they do like their math field, and their english and language arts in their science, history, and social studies," said Pronger.

In all, Pronger says about 600 new books will be added to the library, which in turn will help the students become successful learners and college prepared.