Region 16 Spotlight Education: 1,000 new laptops for Pampa High School students

As technology continues to evolve so do the ways that school districts are integrating it into the classroom. Pampa High School is doing that by placing laptops in hands of all students and teachers this school year.

It's this week's Region 16 Spotlight Education report.

Through a grant, 1,000 laptops were checked out to students on Monday. All week they've been taking digital citizenship classes, learning how to use the devices appropriately. Teachers spent their summer researching how to integrate the devices into the classroom.

" I n the classroom students will be able to create not just word documents and things like that but videos . T hey'll be able to create music, they'll be able to create any type of product , " said Suzie Jameson, Director of Technology at Pampa HS.

For students, they couldn't be more excited.

" I t's a big ste p technology wise. It'll help us out, a lot students for sure, it will help us be ready more for the work force later on in life," said Drew Facio, Pampa HS Student.

It's that preparedness that pushed Pampa ISD to get the laptops, saying it's no secret students use technology socially, but the district wants to prepare them for the work force.

"If our students are to be marketable , if they are to be liable in the work place then they're going to have to leave here with the skills that going to be expected in the work place. So we see this as part of the 21st century educational experience,"said Barry Haenisch, Pampa ISD Superintendent.In fact, for students who are interested in technology, they're part of the schools geek squad called, "G Cube", or "Green and Gold Geeks". They too spent their summer learning how to troubleshoot any problems that may arise.

"It's scary because we know it almost like you can't keep up with technology, but our students are going to be a key to that in helping us stay connected with what's the newest and the latest ," said Tanya Quisenberry, Pampa HS Teacher.

Laptops are fastly replacing textbooks in the classroom with online versions. In fact, this year the Texas Legislature decided instead of sending Pampa ISD textbooks, they gave the district an allotment of money that can be used toward instructional materials like the laptops.