Redistricting battle could affect elections - again

Last year the battle over redistricting maps postponed the election day, creating havoc for local political parties and candidates.

In the last legislative session State Senator Kel Seliger of Amarillo headed up the committee that drew the maps.ã?? Those maps were challenged by Democratic minorities who believed their power was being targeted.

Lawsuits were filed that found their way to federal judges in San Antonio who drew temporary maps.

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott wants to make those maps permanent so that elections next year wonâ??t be disrupted.

Randall County Republican Party Chair John Tyson said last yearâ??s election was rough.ã?? "I was confusion all the way around.ã?? Nothing definitive we could rely on."

The maps are also being challenged in the U.S. Supreme Court, which could disrupt the election timetable.ã?? But Democrats want new maps.

Sylvia Perkins of the State Democratic Executive Committee says, "What they do is gerrymander new maps even within counties, split them up and that way you have fewer minorities in this one and their votes wonâ??t be as strong."

Seligerâ??s Bill, 1524, would make those congressional maps permanent that were approved by the judges in San Antonio.