Red-light cameras causing more harm than good?

Wednesday night on Pronews 7 at 10:00, we showed you the latest statistics given to us by the City of Amarillo on the red-light cameras.

We wanted to take a closer look at some of those numbers. Comparing the 7 quarters before the cameras were installed, to the 7 since-- overall collisions are down at the intersections. But injury collisions and vehicle damage at those intersections are up. All of the changes are slight, but they are there.

City commissioners say they installed the cameras for safety concerns at those intersections. We asked commissioner Jim Simms about the latest numbers.

"We think they're working. I know what these numbers say, but these are very, very, very small numbers, and here again, I'm not demeaning that person and their vehicle, but I still think that they're worth it."

The number of injuries and collisions at those intersections have been going down since spiking after the cameras were installed.

Pronews 7 attempted to contact the mayor and other city commissioners on this issue, but were unable to reach them.