Red Cross adapting response for Fritch fire

The Texas Panhandle Red Cross Chapter has set up shelters at two different locations in Fritch.

For now it's a waiting game for the victims of the Fritch fire.

Therefore relief organizations like the Texas Panhandle Red Cross are urging citizens to wait, "Until we get in there and really take a look at the situation, we don't know what to ask for," Executive Director Steve Pair said.

A day after the fire broke Red Cross volunteers have yet to complete a disaster assessment. Therefore an accurate count or list of resources needed for families is not yet available.

"We're all waiting to get in there, and see the best way to help," Pair said. "We don't want to bring in a lot of resources to the point where we are doing more harm than good."

Pair said it's essential to assess every home or structure one-by-one. He said it's the only way to distribute relief funds or resources appropriately.

Recently created, the Texas Panhandle VOAD (Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster), is a combination of organizations and local businesses in Amarillo. Board Director, Zack Wilson, said VOAD's mission is to deliver resources needed without duplicating efforts.

"It's pretty much about getting the right supplies, the right things to the right people at the right time during a time of disaster which is what we've had in Hutchinson County," Wilson said.

He said as of now VOAD organizations and businesses are working with Red Cross. When the disaster assessment is made VOAD will then act.

But for now, residents will have to sit tight.