Record drought possibly helps Lake Meredith

The drought for the most part has devastated farms, crops and lowered lake levels all around significantly, but for once the drought may have helped one local lake.

The Canadian River Municipal Water Authority has come up with a plan to fix one of the channels that could help refill Lake Meredith.

The question is, if fixing the channel will help refill the lake, then why didn't C.R.M.W.A. do something about it before?

"We've known for years that we've had some issues with the channel, the deal is its always been so wet down here it'd be hard to do any work, plus the real inflows to the lake get outside the channel anyway," said CRMWA General Manager, Kent Satterwhite.

Since this has been one of the worst droughts in Panhandle history things down there have dried up and allowed then to get the correct machinery in place to dig it deeper and wider.

"It's just kind of an insignificant amount of water that we would have gotten by improving this channel, but with the lake level where it is, now anything helps, we just have to try and get all the water we can possibly get now."

While Satterwhite says fixing the channel will help create the opportunity to refill Meredith he also says of it will matter unless we get a good solid rain.

"This isn't really the issue with the lake, the issue with the lake is other issues like changed rainfall patterns, less intensity in the rains when they happen, numerous other things, salt cedar are a big one."

Satterwhite went on to say before it would have been too expensive to try and fix the channel but with the dry land and opportunity to get heavy duty equipment down there it will be cheaper and just makes sense to get it done now.

He says crews should be done with the project sometime over the next couple of weeks.

The newly revamped seven mile channel will be four feet deeper and somewhere around thirty to forty feet wide.