Recent rainfall helps agriculture in time of need

Itâ??s days like this that most farmers live for. Dark clouds covering the sky and plenty of rainfall to moisten their crops. A combination they donâ??t see very often.

Storm Search 7â??s Meteorologist Brian James says itâ??s something thatâ??s not usual for this time of year.

â??We were able to get some more showers and thunderstorms to generate,â?? said James. â??Some areas picked up more than 5 inches of rain. Although that was the exception and not the rule. For the most part many areas did get some good rainfall out of this.â??

Those in the agriculture world are not at all complaining. The rain has been exactly what local farmers need for their crops.

â??Anytime we get rain itâ??s a good thing,â?? said Brandon Dukes of AgriLife Extension. â??These rains are going to be very timely for the corn crop. The corn crop is absolutely going to love these rains.â??

The current drought that has consumed agriculture in our area for the past few years has been detrimental to growing crops. But some are hopeful that all of this moisture is a good sign.

â??The crop conditions are all over the board right now,â?? said Dukes. â??So we have corn in all growth stages and so it is a good sign but weâ??re still cautiously optimistic I guess would be the best way to say that.â??

While this unexpected pattern of rain has been nice, Brian James says not to get too used to the current weather conditions.

â??This pattern is unusual but itâ??s not one that is going to stick around,â?? said James. â??Looks like by time we get into the end of the weekend, early next week weâ??re right back into the 90s. Weâ??re back to sunshine. Weâ??re back to the dry weather. So I hope folks enjoyed it while it lasted because it wonâ??t be lasting that much longer.â??

Whether or not the rainfall continues, the crops are certainly enjoying it while it lasts.