Reasons why some people don't like Valentine's Day

For you, Valentine's Day might mean a day for love, for celebrating, maybe for taking someone special out to a nice dinner.

But for others, it's a miserable day.

There are phone apps, blogs, even social media sites for people to in fact complain about how much they dislike this holiday.

We spoke with a representative from the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center Psychiatric Department to find out why people feel that way.

"Valentine's Day is just a day that we share with other people that we have relationships with, so really Valentine's Day is just another day," said Tim Bowles.

Just another day to some people, but to others, it can simply be very disappointing.

"Valentine's Day is usually closely tied to a lot of expectations, when there is that high thinking that you should be around certain people then of course you leave yourself open to a lot of disappointment."

Bowles says a lot of the time, people go through bad divorces or break-up's that bring up some tough emotions to deal with, but other just feel insignificant on this day.

"I think, a lot of people want a relationship, they want to be significant to somebody and if they don't have somebody to be significant to, Valentine's Day can make you think how insignificant you might be, and that's not the case."

Many people use a lot of outlets to voice their displeasure with Valentine's Day, but Bowles says there is no reason someone should hate it.

"Do some people not look forward to Valentine's Day yes, when you see someone in your office or someone that you're associated with get flowers or candy or some kind of gift it doesn't make you feel good and so yeah, some people are not going to like Valentine's Day."

Bowles says the most important thing about this day is to celebrate life and the relationships you have in your life.

Bowles said if you're down on Valentine's Day, or any other day for that matter, you should call someone you care about, because that person may be having a bad day, too, and you could do something to change that.