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      Rear-view cameras in vehicles could save lives

      Photo courtesy sidesofmarch.com

      T wo children in the U.S. are killed each week by a car that is backing up and 70 percent of these accidents are caused by a parent or family member.

      " M ore times than not-it's not neglect or anything like that," said Amarillo Police Department Corporal Jerry Neufeld. "It's just, little ones are hard to keep track of if you get distracted. A little child doesn't realize the dangers and threats to them and they walk out into the driveway or into the roadway and unfortunately do get struck."

      A marillo is on the low end of the scale, according to figures from kidsandcars.org

      " E ven though we've only seen two fatalities along this line in the last five or six years , t here's definitely going to be more that do occur that weren't fatalities," Neuefeld said.

      T his weekend for instance, a two-year-old boy was hit in the Hollywood Theater parking lot in Amarillo.

      H e was sent to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries , he is among the 50 children who are backed into each week in the U.S. and are treated in the emergency room.

      F ederal regulators are working to pass new safety laws that will require a rear-view camera system in every vehicle by 2014.

      " I 'm sure it will cut down on injuries and death. That's something no parent should have to go through," said Jeff Irizarry of McGavock Nissan.

      T he new requirements have been deferred three times and will not be finalized until the end of the year.

      C ar dealerships like Nissan have been proactive in getting cameras in most of their cars.

      " I 'd be surprised if in the next couple of years if it's not in all our cars," said Irizarry.

      N ationwide, close to 100 lives will be saved every year with the rear-view cameras according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

      I rizarry said the cameras are a feature that many people are interested in.