Real or artificial Christmas Tree?

It's the age old question. Is it better to buy a real or artificial Christmas Tree?

It's a debate that's long been discussed in pop culture, especially now as society moves toward a greener way of living.

How do you like your Christmas Tree, real or artificial?

It's the age old question that's plagued a lot of us. So, Pronews 7 went in search of some answers, spending some time at a tree farm and some busy shopping centers to find out what you think.

Asking the hard hitting question, which do you prefer, and is one more environmentally friendly than the other? As expected, we found the opinions vary widely.

"Live trees have a great smell, I mean, these trees right here smell just like Oregon. The trees now are full and pretty trees and they're fresh," said Paul Tucker, who favors real trees.

"I like real trees they smell better," said Adrian Graham, who also favors real trees.

"They're not messy, they're green for the environment because you're not cutting down trees every year. You're using the same tree every year," said Rusty Stiner, favors artificial trees.

It seems a lot of people feel that way. While they do enjoy the smell of the great outdoors, saving a tree, and the expense of buying one every year, and recycling an artificial tree seems to be more environmentally and budget friendly.

Even those who prefer real trees say picking and choosing which is more green, is all in the eye of the beholder.

"Everybody is different nobody is the same," said Graham.

So, the age old debate continues. But in the end, whether it's real or fake, it's the tree's meaning and beauty that everyone can agree on.

"It brings out the Christmas spirit," said Stiner.

If you do prefer real trees. The boy scout's troop 80 has their own lot, once again this year.

It's located on Plains Blvd. between Western and Bell St., and all proceeds benefit the troop.