Ready, set, snack! Girl Scout cookie-selling season begins

Thin Mints, Caramels, Lemonades -- those words can only mean one thing, it's Girl Scout Cookie time!

Starting Friday, Girls Scouts across the area will finally begin their individual direct sales.

"We have people come in our doors all the time going I'd like to buy Girl Scout Cookies and we only sell them January, February and into March 4th," said Retail Coordinator for the Girl Scouts of Texas Oklahoma Plains Marsha Goebel. "That's the only time we sell."

Of course, there are always a few fan favorites that it seems the public just can't do without.

"I think everybody lives for Girl Scout Cookies. I mean we start getting asked months ahead when does it start," laughed one Girl Scout Troops Leader, Angie Hickmott.

"Our Thin Mints and Caramels are our most popular ones. Then we've got Peanut Butter Patties, which are completely chocolate and peanut butter, and then we have Lemonades and those are very, very popular," added Goebel.

Booth sales will kick off in February.
Can't find a cookie booth? Don't worry -- there's an app for that. Just pop your zip code into a new Girl Scout Cookie Locator app and it'll find booths near you.

"I think if people can look and see where they can find cookies, it'd be a lot easier for them as well," said Hickmott.

But parent's shouldn't fret. The app is safe, as well.

"We do make sure that no addresses, no girls information is on the app, it's just strictly booth sales but that's where our generation is going, to technology and it's great that we're included in that."

A little bad news though, you may have seen a new cookie advertised, but that new cookie is not being sold by the Girl Scouts in our area.