Raw Video: Amarillo native rocked by earthquake

Earthquakes devastated parts of Japan Friday morning.

"I thought it was just another earthquake, but then it did not subside." That's what Amarillo native Isha Sorenson-Hendricks said after the 8.9-magnitute earthquake shook the Earth right beneath her. Hendricks, a Caprock graduate, lives at Atsugi Naval Air Facility located in Ayase City in Japan. The epicenter was about 200 miles from where Hendricks and her husband live, she said.

When the earthquake hit, Hendricks explained she thought it was just like the many other earthquakes she had experienced. She was quick to realize this wasn't just another quake.

"The strength became overpowering and I found myself having severe difficulties standing."

As far as injuries, Hendricks says she is just experiencing severe nausea.

"The earthquake started and did not stop for about two minutes. Then it continued on for about four to six hours. The aftershocks and other earthquakes kept coming."

In the video she shot, she exclaims "It's a biggie" and "That was expensive." In her house, there were cracked tiles, broken glasses and picture frames and TVs falling from the walls among other things.

Hendricks, who was formerly in the Navy, has lived at Atsugi since 2009. Her husband, James, is a Petty Officer First Class in the United States Navy. He is now on emergency recall. Hendricks said officials have advised everyone to stay indoors as the nuclear power plant is to the northeast of them.

"I can say that I was very frightened and the emergency alarms started to sound off," Hendricks added. " I then started to wonder if this was the big one. I guess so."

And talk about ironic, Hendrick's mother, Beth Sorenson, teaches about plate tectonics at Caprock High School. To see the exclusive raw video that Hendricks shot at her home during the earthquake, watch the Youtube video below.

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