Rappellers go "Over the Edge" and raise 50K for Coffee Memorial Blood Center

Funds for the Coffee Memorial Blood Center's Over the Edge event went above and beyond what organizers expected.


reliminary numbers show the center raised a

round $50,000 toward a new Bloodmobile

over t





event. Nine donors rappelled during the media and VIP day. They earned around $8,000 toward the cause. On day 2 of the event, public volunteers were invited to rappel, each for $1,100 in pledges. Sixty-four daredevils showed up on day 2 and raised more than $40,000 for the new Bloodmobile.

"Yesterday we had 64 rappellers and each of them raised varying amounts of money," said Coffee Blood Memorial Center Coordinator Suzanne Talley. "We had an outstanding day and our overall total looks like it's going to be about $50,000 for the blood center."

A new Bloodmobile is expected to cost the center anywhere between $350,000 and $420,000.



ack in the day when we purchased our old
Bloodmobile it was about $250,000, that's was about 11 years ago," said Talley. "Today, a similar Bloodmobile is going to cost you anywhere between $350,000 to $420,000 so we're still a long way from there but that sure knocked out a big chunk of the goal."

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