Rapid response to fires

A grass fire east of town, past the split at I-40 and Highway 287 destroyed about 75 acres.

During this dry season our area is prone to quick-spreading grass fires, and our Panhandle wind doesn't help matters either and for that reason fire safety officials are prepared for rapid response.

"We try to send more equipment out there to make sure we can contain the fire to the area its in. A lot of times we wind up doing structure protection first, so we try to get in place to protect those while at the same we try to start fighting the fire," said Richard Lake, Potter County Fire Chief.

There were no injuries sustained during the fire, but there was moderate damage to a nearby barn.

Lake said Potter County along with the aide of the Amarillo Fire Department and Texas Forestry Service were able to contain the grass fire in about 50 minutes.

"In order to prepare for these fires, it's a continual on-going assessment of training and equipment needs. We're always trying to upgrade and better our equipment, and at the same time we're trying to develop new training and improve upon things that have happened in the past."