Randall County voters face poll problems

Today as many went to the polls, some Randall County voters faced issues at their new voting centers.

Election officials said these voters live in a precinct that includes county and city. These particular voters were allowed to vote on city issues but were given county-only ballots.

The mix-up was caused when after presenting their voter identification and receiving their voter ID slip, a poll worker miscoded them causing them to have the wrong ballot for voting. City voters were mis-coded as county voters, but they lived in the same precinct. So, those voters were not given the chance to vote for or against the $31.5 million bond for the Amarillo Recreation Complex and the adoption of 21 changes to the city charter.

According to Randall County, this is a poll worker error. Randall County Elections Administrator Shannon Lackey said they have been training the poll workers over the last weekend and were training even today as voting continued.

Lackey said at least six voters made them aware of the mistake. Unfortunately, once those voters' ballots were cast, that was it. Lackey said voters are only allowed to vote once during each election.

She said the problem happened at 3 different Randall County voting centers.