Randall County Sheriffâ??s Office investigates cemetery thefts

On March 18 Randall County Sheriff's Office investigated a report about bronze vases being stolen off headstones at Dreamland Cemetery.

The cemetery manager said he has no idea why someone would commit such a crime, but Randall County deputies said this type of crime has increased in the past couple of weeks.

"We ended up reporting four that were missing, but there were several headstones, where the families hadn't known that they were gone and hadn't reported them stolen yet," said Randall County Sheriff's Office PIO Danny Alexander

The sheriff's office sent out a warning to surrounding areas and received alarming information.

"We found that Lamb County had 55 stolen," said Alexander. "The Hereford Police Department and Deaf Smith County Sheriff's Office are working those kinds of thefts, so is Castro County."

At Dreamland Cemetery 25 bronze vases were stolen.

"He just took two or three, skip two or three, take two or three, and skip another one," said Cemetery Manager Cordell Huddleston. "It wasn't rhythm; he just took what he wanted."

Each vase is valued anywhere from 250 dollars to 600, but that's not what the affected families are upset about,

"They were surprised, disappointed, upset," said Huddleston. "They just couldn't believe anyone would take a marker vase from a cemetery."

Alexander says the thief's take the vases hoping to make a quick buck.

"The problem they're going to have is the scrap yards. They are not recyclers or metal recyclers," said Alexander. "They are not going to take it without some kind of letter saying, they are scrap,"

The sheriff's department is currently looking at two suspects, no names have been released.