Randall County proposes changes in voting procedures

Randall County leaders are proposing a new way to hold elections in their area.

This proposal comes after a 2005 Texas Legislature bill that approved a pilot program for "vote centers" across the state. On the Tuesday, June 18, 2013, Randall County Commissioners offered their support to a proposal that would incorporate these centers throughout the county. Those centers would allow all voters, regardless of precinct, to vote at any location in the county. Traditionally, voters are assigned to a specific location that can change depending on the election.

"You have voter precincts, commissioner precincts, you have justice of peace precincts, so the word precinct becomes very confusing," said Randall County Elections Administrator Shannon Lackey. "If we call this a vote center, regardless of what precinct is on your voter card, you can vote at any of them."

Only 6 counties in Texas, with populations of 100,000 or more residents, can qualify for the program in each election. Texas legislators also approved that 4 counties with less than 100,000 resident would also be eligible.


f the state decides the program works, it will let all those counties keep voting centers for all elections.

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