Ramming his wife's car, beating on the window, 19-year-old was booked into Potter County

George Anthony Riddick, 19, was booked into Potter County for aggravated assault on a family member after ramming his wife's car, climbing on the hood, beating on her window.

At approximately 6 p.m. on May 31, a witness flagged down an officer at Amarillo Blvd. and N. Taylor. The witness had just seen a man assault a female member of her family.

The witness said the man, the victim's husband, had used a car he was driving to ram his wife's vehicle on a parking lot.

He then climbed on the hood of her car and struck the driver's side window with his hand.

The witness believed the man could be in possession of a handgun.

The witness pointed to the involved people, who were now in the 700 block of N. Taylor. The officer saw a brown GMC SUV and tan Chevrolet Caprice stopped in the traffic lane.

As the officer drove toward the vehicles, he saw a black male run from the GMC to the Chevrolet.

The GMC then drove away southbound. The Chevrolet followed. The officer tried to stop the vehicles by turning on his emergency lights.

The driver of the Chevrolet did not stop. instead, he made several attempts to run the GMC off the road by swerving toward it or pulling in front of it.

The driver of the Chevrolet pulled over near 5th and N. Taylor when the officer turned on his siren. The officer arrested the driver of the vehicle. He was identified as George Anthony Riddick, 19, of Amarillo. Investigation showed that the driver of the GMC was his wife, and they had been involved in a dispute which led up to aforementioned assault.

Riddick was booked into the Potter County Detention Center for aggravated assault on a family member. There were no injuries in the incident, and the officers did not find a handgun in the suspect's vehicle.