Rainwater Harvesting Seminar led by world renowned specialist

An educational Rainwater Harvesting Seminar was held in Clarendon, Saturday morning.

World renowned specialist, Billy Kniffen, led the seminar along with officials from Texas Agri-Life and the Greenbelt Water Authority. Conservation and the reuse of water were encouraged, and a complete hands-on installation of a collection system was demonstrated.

With the continuous drought in Texas, Kniffen, along with other officials are concerned about where the future of water is headed.

â??Do we have enough water to meet future needs? Can we continue to irrigate as we are? Can I do things in our urban areas and utilize less water and still have an effective beautiful yard? And then also capture water when it comes, so that when it does get hot and dry we still have water to utilize for plants to keep them healthy,â?? said, Kniffen.

The depletion of water in lakes, springs, and aquifers has sent many locals in search of conservation methods.

â??My efforts have been on the land, I've been interested in rainwater harvesting for 18 years. So what I have done, I trap all of the rainwater that falls on my ranchland and I catch it in small tanks, said Local rancher, Delbert Trew, â??and this puts water back into the soil.â??

Trew also said, â??Of all the things we could possibly do to conserve water and help with our water conservation, is each person has got to do their part, turn the shower off a little quicker, donâ??t fill your tub as full, and the things like this.â??

Officials said that stewardship is the true factor to preserving the water we have. Be a steward of every drop of water.