Rainbow Room in Borger serves hundreds in need every year

The unfortunate fact is that every day Panhandle residents need help and as many times as not... there aren't always enough resources to go around.

In Borger, there's a group of volunteers that came together in 2002 to create the rainbow room...and there's more than just a pot of gold that can be found for people in need.

Tucked away on the 4th floor of the Borger branch of the Amarillo national bank, is a room that's filled with everything from diapers and clothes to the promise of a happy child opening up a Christmas present they might not otherwise receive.

It's called the Rainbow Room and it was started a decade ago through volunteers that saw a need that had to be filled.. Volunteer and Board Member, michelle Griffin, says it was something she felt compelled to do.

"I have a love for children and there's a need to help kids in this area. And it tugged at my heartstrings and unfortunately, there are kids that are abused or neglected. So, about 10 years ago, I got involved with the rainbow room and I've been here ever since."

Serving nine counties for child protective services, the contents of the rainbow room are available 24-7 and since they started filling the shelves, there's been a steady stream of requests.

"We've helped about 2,000 people."

"So, doing some quick math, you've helped hundreds of people a year, 4-5 people every week. These are people you can actually help to make a difference?"


Volunteers raise money and shop all year long, like the Burleson girls: Chelby, Chloe and Cally. This time of year, it picks up even more getting ready to provide 150- to 200 kids with an unforgettable Christmas.

"Its knowing how happy it makes them, I'm privileged enough to have a good family, and great parents who provide for me, and so I want to help," said Chelby.

Just about anything that a family would need is tucked away on the shelves including the love and dedication from the volunteers.

"Often times, these kids go without and we provide that little something extra, that lets them be like every other child," said Michelle.

A sentiment shared with Chelby. "Knowing it's going to make a difference, we're happy just being there."

They've just finished wrapping up hundreds of Christmas packages for the kids this year...echoing their motto.

"A little program with a big purpose," added Michelle.

Pretty big sentiment for the rainbow room and it's volunteers. But one that is being met every single day, in the Panhandle Spirit.