Rain water harvesting helps to preserve area

AgriLIFE Extension hosted a rain water harvesting workshop Saturday to teach people how to conserve water using the rain.

"Save today so we have tomorrow," said Brandon Boughen, the County Extension Agent at AgriLIFE Extension.

According to AgriLIFE Extension, Texas uses 8 to 9 billion gallons of water a day state-wide. But only 4 to 5 billion gallons are going back into the area.

Water is becoming scarce and any way that consumers have the ability to conserve water they need to be doing it, said Boughen.

Rain water harvesting is a way that people can collect and use water to help preserve our area years from now.

"It's the oldest form of water retention known to man," said Boughen. "The simplest method is putting out a bucket when it's raining and capturing rain water and using that instead of municipal water to water your plants and other things around the house where it's appropriate."

Here are a few tips to keep in mind to help save water:

-Turning off the water while brushing your teeth

-Doing a full load of laundry

-Doing a full load of dishes

-Washing your car with a bucket and not running water

Another way to help save water is through the 40 Gallon Challenge. The 40 Gallon Challenge is a way for people to pledge to reduce their water use by 40 gallons per person, per day. The challenge began in 2011 as a voluntary campaign to increase water conservation. The challenge not only saves water but it also helps participants save money.

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