Rain puts construction on stop-and-go schedule

Parts of the road construction at 34th Avenue in between Coulter and Soncy remain under water, and construction at a halt.

City officials confirm there are nearly 12 different roadway projects in town, some of them hit hard by recent rainfall.

Assistant City Engineer, Kyle Schniederjan, said the city usually schedules roadway projects during the summer for two reasons: it's hot and there's not much chance for rain. This summer that hasn't been the case at all.

"This has definitely been an abnormality in our construction time period," Schniederjan said.

According to Schniederjan subgrade is the lowest level of the road. It's made of a soil that is sensitive to water, and when water hits the subgrade level it tends to shrink or swell. Schniederjan said when road construction workers break the road down to its lowest level, they add a treatment making it more resistant, but rain came too fast this summer.

"The 34th project they had the roadway open to subgrade, and that subgrade has seen some water so they are experiencing some difficulties," Schniederjan said.

Parts of the road at 34th Avenue and Coulter are still under water, and have been on-and-off throughout the summer.

For TxDOT, the rain doesn't have as much effect on current maintenance projects as it will for future projects.

"Where the rain really gets us, is the moisture seeps into the existing cracks and then that moisture sits there," Paul Braun of TxDOT said. "Then the following spring things start heating up, and we start getting pop-outs."

City officials and TxDOT say all projects are still on schedule. The project at 34th Avenue and Coulter is expected to be complete by December.