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      Rain prompts Potter County officials to lift bans

      Lake Meredith has gained nearly three feet of water with recent rainfall, and officials are expecting more once the gage allows the water to run off.

      The Director of the Canadian River Municipal Water Authority, Kent Satterwhite, said once the ground becomes soaked and saturated it allows rainfall that follows to then runoff from the Canadian River to Lake Meredith.

      "There's so many conditions that determine how much rainfall we get," Satterwhite said. "Where it falls, is it in a sandy area where it soaks in, or is it in a not-so sandy area where it runs off? Is the ground saturated? The intensity of the rainfall. How fast it falls, because we want a hard fast rain."

      The rain is also prompting Potter County officials to not only lift burn bans, but allow aerial fireworks...for now.

      "Earlier in the season we've looked at banning aerial fireworks due to the conditions," Fire Marshal Richard Lake said. "We were so dry, and the fire danger was extremely high, but we've had a lot of rainfall so at this point we don't meet criteria for any type of fireworks ban."

      In years past, Potter County is known for placing bans on specific fireworks including bottle rockets, but residents are free to use them for the Fourth of July until otherwise notified.

      "It can all change though, we're expecting high temps and wind, so that could change everything," Lake said.