Rain causes flooding across the area

On-ramp at I-40 and Coulter closed


TxDOT says they are detouring traffic on Highway 60 west of Panhandle from 60 onto 2161. According to TxDOT other areas roads that were closed Wednesday night have now been reopened.

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Folks should be advised to STAY HOME. Do not attempt to drive tonight. If you must go out, avoid Hillside, Coulter, Bell, Downtown underpasses, I-40 underpasses, and Hollywood area.

Amarillo Airport reporting water coming in at the terminal entrance with 5-6 inches of water in the baggage area. Computer systems are down due to the water.

Country Club road in Hunsley Hills is covered by 2-3 feet of water.

We have reports a woman who was stranded in her car being rescued at 10th and Johnson. Another high water rescue is going on at Hillside and Coulter. Police are working to rescue another motorist past the blockade on 4th in front of Lowe's at 5000 Coulter.

A viewer called and reported, the 3400 block between Teckla and Folsom water is covering the road and sidewalks into yards.

34th in front of Paramount Park is flooded with several stranded cars.

As of 12:24am the National Weather Service has reported 5.27 in. of rain.

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Heavy rain across the area has caused flooding in several areas. Highland Park is dealing with a lot of it, as most of the area is flooded, including the school. We have a crew in the area and will update you with any new information.

45th and Coulter is also flooding pretty bad, a firetruck is blocking 45th south of Coulter. The on-ramp at I-40 and Coulter has also been closed. According to scanner traffic, Coulter is impassable with lots of high water.

Highway 60 east of the loop has been closed to FM 1912. According to reports several cars are stalled out some with water up to the roof.

Officials in Canyon are closing Hunsley Blvd. immediately.

Highway 293 in Carson County between 1342 and 2373 is closed.

Law enforcement are staying busy performing water rescues. Rescues have been reported at Van Winkle and SW 45th, I-40 and Coulter, Hollywood and Coulter, and another at Hillside and Bell. We also have reports of cars stalled at I-40 and Bell. A water rescue has also been reported at La Fiesta on Ross. We have reports of 3 cars stranded under the bridge at 10th and Arthur.

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The National Weather Service record rainfall total for today 12am-12am was 4.92 in. we're tied as of this moment. The NWS 24 hour period record rainfall total is 6.75 in., we're going to get close if not exceed that.

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