Quilts of Valor Foundation needs help with quilts

In the Panhandle Spirit, with veterans being honored this month, our attention recently turned to a group of ladies in Pampa who are quilting for soldiers.

As we found out when he went for a visit ....this ain't your grandmother's sewing circle.

When you hear "quilting circle", you might think of a bunch of sewing masters sitting around a table with a patchwork quilt being made stitch by stitch.

Not here at "Sew What" or down the street at "Lilly's Thimble" in Pampa. Here you'll find state of the art sewing machines and some dedicated sew-ers that have come together after Debbie Black happened upon an internet posting while looking for quilting material.

"I was looking for fabric and I found QOVF and started reading and educating and thought this is something that appealed to me."

Turns out, it was the "Quilt of Valor Foundation" which asks people to make quilts for armed service members touched by war. That's all Debbie needed to know and she went into action.

She visited with the ladies auciallry at the VFW post, and recently got Pampa's two quilt shops involved. Now, she and others form a bi-weekly band of sisters to make sure our military band of brothers get quilts.

"It's like a warm hug, it's love. Basic needs, food, water and love, like wrapping in a hug."

Debbie said she knew God had some other things in store for her after work and raising family...

"I was like, 'Come on, at 53, I've got to still have a purpose.' I prayed for God to show me something and God doesn't always come in the front door, but he tapped me on the shoulder and said what about this."

And while she never served, she feels that this is her chance to help our military.

"People have stepped up and defended our freedons, it's what I can do."

The quilts are presented and in soem cases, they hear back from the soldiers.

"We don't know whose receiving them and that's okay...we just want to help."

Not everything is as smooth as silk, and as often as not, as you sew, so shall you rip...

But that doesn't diminish the combined spirit around the machines and those Debbie hasn't recruited......Yet.

"If you have a flicker of interest, I'll light your fire."

If you'd like to help out, contact the VFW Post in Pampa and the need for long arm quilters is especially great. And if you know of a great story we can share in the Panhandle Spirit, contact Steve at