Public hearing on Amarillo water pipeline

The Amarillo City Commission will hear from the public tomorrow about water, or more specifically, how to get water from the Osage Water Plant to the Arden Road Pump Station.

At their regular meeting Tuesday at three at City Hall, the Commission will welcome comments concerning any issue they may have regarding the pipeline.

Assistant Director of Utilities, Floyd Hartman, says, "Itâ??s targeted toward environmental and historical impact of the project, which none have been identified."

Amarillo City Commissioner Lilia Escajeda says, "Amarillo would not be enjoying its strong economic development if we didnâ??t have the facility to provide services to residents or businesses.ã?? Weâ??re trying to think ahead of the curve.

The pipeline would be laid south along Osage until it gets to 58th. Then it would turn west. It would extend down 58th until it gets to the railroad tracks. From there it would follow the tracks to Farmers Road, about where Affliliated Foods is, and then proceed west again to Western. At Western it would take a short jog south to Arden Raod. It would turn west down a pleasant neighborhood and go all the way to I-27. The pipeline would cross Bell and end up somewhere east of Victory Church.

The infrastructureâ??s already created that will take the water to the Arden Road pump station from there.

Construction could begin by the end of 2014.