Protesters, counter-protesters attend rally in Ellwood Park

Dozens of people gathered Sunday afternoon to clean up a Confederate statue in Ellwood Park. (ABC 7 Amarillo-Tiffany Lester/Dakota Kessler)

Dozens of people joined together Sunday afternoon to clean up and show support for a Confederate statue in Ellwood Park.

But for all those who want the statue to remain in place, there were some who want it taken down.

Folks brought buckets, brushes, plenty of soapy water, and large flags supporting the Confederacy to a rally hosted by the Sons of Liberty Amarillo.

The group cleaned up a statue in Ellwood Park to show their support of the Confederacy and the history they say is represented in the statue.

It was erected back in 1931 and commissioned by the United Daughters of the Confederacy to honor confederate soldiers.

"If you're going to take down one monument, it's going to be a chain reaction and they're going to continue taking down different monuments and this is our Southern heritage and this is about our Civil War of what we try to do as a country against our government," said Freedom Riders President James Roberts.

Counter-protesters also made an appearance at the park in hopes of giving rally organizers and supporters another point of view.

"We brought copies of the Declaration of the Causes of the succession of Texas, written by Texans in 1861, which said we are succeeding because the federal government is taking away our right to own and keep slaves," said counter-protester Rusty Tomlinson. "We want to change the message that is presented by the statue that the confederacy was not about glory, it was about slavery and oppression."

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