Property values flatline

For the first time in about 20 years, the Potter-Randall Appraisal District is estimating property values have flattened out or are showning a very small increase.

While this area has done far better than most of the country over the last two years, currently Potter county properties are showing a decrease of just less than one percent, while Randall county is just over one percent.

And those values are what the tax rates are set on each year.

Jim Childers, Chief Appraiser with the district, says, "Our district saw a leveling off from where they were in the previous years when we certified in 2009...and those increases stayed from where they were previously and then of course this year they leveled out and there's not really any gain or a little less and a little gain, depending on which distirct you're talking about."

There are about 20 taxing entities that set their rates based on property values, including schools districts, colleges and univerisites, along with cities and hospitals.