Proof that donating blood saves lives


year's Kids Inc. Donor Days are officially underway.

It gives the public an opportunity to give blood to Coffee Memorial Blood Center, and help local schools.

The day officially kicked off Friday at the Kids Inc. Warehouse.

But the campaign will continue until February 14th at Coffee Memorial Blood Center. When you do donate, you can register to vote for an area school of choice.

At the end of the campaign, an elementary, middle school and high school will be chosen to receive a cash value prize. Which in a time of budget crunches, schools can use the prize to buy books, supplies, etc.

If that's not incentive enough to donate, you need to know that your blood donations do save lives everyday. Kim Lackey, wife of Kids. Inc. President Jimmy Lackey, is alive and well today because of your donations.

It was on September 28, 2000, that changed Kim and Jimmy's lives, forever. After giving birth to a healthy baby girl, Kim's health took a dramatic and almost deadly turn.

"She just didn't feel well, after the baby was born a couple hours went by and the doctor said we need to maybe go in and do a DNC.

They were having trouble with her bleeding and to make a long story short, she lost 28 units of blood, and scared us all



said Jimmy.

Kim had to have an emergency hysterectomy. It took several units of blood to save her life.

"Jimmy and my family would have been raising three girls. So we were very lucky to have the blood center there and the doctors there to have that on hand. I get to watch my kids grow up and what again, what Jimmy and I always think about, what a blessing," said Kim.

But after her blood transfusion, the blood bank was in critical need of donations. Since then, it's been the Lackey's passion to make sure that doesn't happen again, because it only takes a major accident to send the blood bank into critical need.

"If people would just give, this is my passion, twice a year then there would never be a shortage of blood. It takes just a little bit of your time, it really doesn't hurt and you never know, when that family member is going to have to have it. You never know how it's going to touch your life and save someone in your life, in your family," said Kim.

If your interested in learning more or donating you can call the Coffee Memorial Blood Center at 358-4563.