Pronews 7 Talk: Texas new abortion laws

Pronews 7 Talk: Abortion

Governor Perry signed the abortion measure that didn't make it through the first special session of lawmakers, but did when Perry called them back for a second special session

In this Talk session we discuss the passing of House bill 2, and its key features are banning abortions after twenty weeks of pregnancy, requiring abortion clinics to meet the same standards as hospital-style surgical centers, and mandating that a doctor have admitting privileges at a hospital within thirty miles of the facility where that doctor performs abortions.

Supporters say the law would improve patient safety and hold abortion clinics to safer standards.

Opponents say it amounted to an unconstitutional attack on legal abortion in texas, and that many of the restrictions were found to be medically unnecessary by doctors groups.

The first restrictions won't take effect until ninety days after this session ends in Austin later this month.

But it seems likely lawsuits will be filed before any of them have to be enforced.