ProNews 7 keeping you safe in storm season

For almost 10 years now, LIVE MAX Radar has stood alone as the most powerful, television station Doppler radar in Amarillo. Scanning out 300 miles looking for severe weather, it simply has no equal when compared to the delayed data that the other stations show on their radar displays from the National Weather Service's network of Doppler radars.

When seconds can save lives, why trust the other guys old data to make life-or-death decisions? Having the most powerful television Doppler radar is fantastic, but what about what's going on underneath those radar echoes?

Another exclusive feature that you will see here on Storm Search 7 and nowhere else is our network of 89, and soon to be 90, weather stations located in schools, Boy Scout Camps, ranches, industrial plants and even some private residences here on the High Plains. We call this network "SchoolNet" and it's the largest network of weather stations used by a television station in the entire State of Texas!

So, how can this data help you during severe weather? Well, now all you have to do to see this live weather data from a weather station near your neighborhood is log onto and click on the Weather tab. When the weather page loads, scroll down to the bottom of the page and there you will find a link to the "SchoolNet" data.

Want to see how strong that wind was that just hit your house? Curious how much rain fell in your town? Want to find out where the cold front is and how cold it is behind it? It's as simple as logging onto our website 24/7 for continuous, live weather data that you won't find anywhere else!

Another exclusive that you will see here on Storm Search 7 is our "StormWarn" warning system that automatically puts LIVE MAX Radar on Channel 7 anytime threatening weather exists. We don't need to cut into programming like the other guys simply to tell you that it's raining. They have to cut into programming to show their radar dat, we don't. If you see us on the air cutting into programming, then you will know that the weather is serious and you need to take appropriate action to save your life and property. We won't insult your intelligence by showing you the same thing over and over.

You can simply see where the storms are anytime on the Channel 7 screen instantly and easily. Plus, an exclusive to StormWarn is the ability to show what parts of counties are under the warnings and which aren't. This is important because the other guys will be showing you the entire county is under a warning when actually, it might not be.

The National Weather Service recently went to a "polygon" warning system which shows exactly which parts of the warned county are threatened by the storm and which parts of the county are in the clear. Storm Search 7 is the only station in Amarillo to have this feature enabled on our StormWarn system.

Storm Search 7, LIVE MAX Radar and StormWarn|.ready for Severe Weather Season 2008!