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      Pronews 7 Investigates: Behind Bars in Clovis - Part II

      Right now, the former director of the Curry County Detention Center is suing the county government over his dismissal last year.

      On Part I of Pronews 7 Investigates: Behind Bars in Clovis, we took you to the Curry County Detention Center, which many say has progressed enormously since the 2008 jailbreak, but we also talked to other people in the community who say that many problems remain and that the former director was unfairly dismissed.

      In the video, you can see what was captured by security cameras at the jail that clearly documents when Veronica Galvan was beaten by another inmate at the Clovis jail. Her attorney Eric Dixon said it was because of lack of segregation between dangerous criminals and low security risk inmates. He said his client was retaliated against for complaining about her treatment and heâ??s now suing the county.

      â??After she was injured she was taken to the Parmer County detention center where she was forced to undress in front of a video camera that was monitored by three male detention officers,â?? said Dixon.

      Tori Sandoval, the director of the Curry County Detention Center, showed Pronews 7 the results of the ambitious renovations and changes in policy that have taken place. Local public leaders agreed that theyâ??ve seen results.

      â??Iâ??m proud of what Ms. Sandoval has done and what the detention center staff has done to improve the detention center and the image,â?? said Lance Pyle, the Curry County Manager.

      â??For me, and I think the other commissioners feel the same, she had a clear and proven track record of doing a really good job,â?? said Curry County Commissioner Ben McDaniel. â??She performed well as the interim administrator and has continued to do so.â??

      Pronews 7 spoke with the former director of the jail, who said that there were also many marked improvements under his tenure, and that he was unfairly fired when he spoke up about problems at the jail such as overcrowding and minority overrepresentation and mold.

      â??The problem was that Iâ??m very outspoken, and when there are issues that need to be addressed, Iâ??m not embarrassed to bring them up,â?? said Gerry Billy, the former director of the Curry County Detention Center. â??I guess Iâ??m just not a yes person.â??

      Pronews 7 was given pictures by Eric Dixon that documents some of the problems at the jail. Tori Sandoval said that the mold has been remedied, and that the policy change s are helping improve security to avoid dangerous situations for inmates.

      â??We went in and changed everything,â?? said Sandoval. â??We went through every policy and went back and changed, just revamped security policy.â??

      Former director Gerry Billy says that he is still at loss to why he was fired, as he claims the facility had seen giant leaps in improvements. Besides representing Mr. Billy, Eric Dixon continues to represent two clients who claim they were injured because of improper security procedures at the jail.