Pronews 7 gives $1,000 to the Amarillo SPCA

Pronews 7 presents a $1,000 check to the Amarillo SPCA.

Pronews 7 celebrated its 11,000 fans in a big way Wednesday morning.

A $1,000 check was presented to the Amarillo SPCA marking the end of the Facebook Charity Challenge.

June 1st, Pronews 7 agreed to give the money away once we hit the 11,000 friends mark. On the way to that mark, numerous stories and appearances were made promoting pet adoption in the Amarillo area.

"It's great," said Amarillo SPCA Shelter Manager Kelley Micke. "It'll give us food for those dogs and cats for about two months. It keeps the lights on and the water running."

Some of our Facebook fans have even agreed to donate money on their own because of the Pronews 7 Facebook Charity Challenge.

"We've had a lot of feedback," Micke said. "It's been a great thing. It's really satisfying."

Pronews 7 now boasts the most interactive and talked about social media platform in the Amarillo media market.