Primary Election polling places

      Folks have been flooding into early voting centers to cast their ballots in the March 4th Primary. Already thousands have let their voices be heard by casting an early vote and avoiding those long lines come Tuesday.

      There are some heated races driving voters to the polls. From the Potter County Judge race with five candidates vying for the title, to the showdown between Elaine Hays and incumbent Mac Thornberry for U.S. House Representative. Voters are turning out to make sure they have a say in who holds those positions.

      In Randall County, while they've seen a slight decrease in in-person votes, mail in ballots have increased by 1600.

      "A lot of candidates and different politically action groups sent out applications to vote by mail," said Randall County Election Administrator, Shannon Lackey.

      Lackey said that saved a lot of folks from having to do the leg work to inquire about them. Not including Friday, close to 5,000 people have voted early in Randall County. In Potter County, close to 2500. Potter County said too, they've seen an increase in early votes compared to last elections especially mail in ballots.

      "On Election Day in Randall County it's typically 50/50. 50% vote early 50% vote Election Day its just always run that way for several years," said Lackey.

      Again this year, Randall County voters will have 14 voting centers to choose to go to.

      The Cowboy Church

      8827 S. Washington

      Amarillo, TX

      Comanche Trail Church of Christ

      2700 E. 34th

      Amarillo, TX

      Randall County Justice Center

      2309 Russell Long Blvd.

      Canyon, TX

      Southwest Church of Christ

      4515 Cornell

      Amarillo, TX

      Redeemer Christian Church

      3701 S. Soncy

      Amarillo, TX

      Region 16 ESC

      5800 Bell St.

      Randall County Fire Department #2

      9451 FM 2186

      Amarillo, TX

      Arden Road Baptist

      6701 Arden Road

      Amarillo, TX

      Central Baptist Church

      1601 SW 58th

      Amarillo, TX

      Paramount Baptist Church

      4100 Kristee

      Amarillo, TX

      Oasis Southwest Baptist Church

      8210 Canyon Drive

      Amarillo, TX

      Randall County Annex

      4111 S. Georgia

      Amarillo, TX

      The Summit

      2008 12th Ave.

      Canyon, TX

      Coulter Road Baptist Church

      4108 S. Coulter

      Amarillo, TX

      Because of construction at several schools in Potter County, five new locations will be open.

      Amarillo Seventh Day Adventist Church Center

      427 S. Western St.

      Olsen Park Elementary School

      2409 Anna St.

      Austin Middle School

      1818 Wimberly

      Tascosa High School

      3921 Westlawn

      Forest Hill Elementary School

      3515 Amarillo Blvd. East

      Bowie Middle School

      3001 E. 12th

      Bushland High School

      2304 Wells

      Valle de Oro Fire Station

      23801 FM 1061

      River Road Middle School

      9500 U.S. 287 North

      De Zavala Middle School

      2801 N. Coulter

      Freedom Baptist Church

      900 Alta Vista

      Pleasant Valley Elementary School

      4413 River Road

      Highland Park High School

      15300 E. Amarillo Blvd.

      Hamlet Elementary School

      705 Sycamore

      North Heights Alternative School

      607 N. Hughes

      Whittier Elementary

      2004 N. Marrs

      Election Day voters need to show up with a photo ID. Polls are open from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.