Preparing for a hail of a storm


Edwards got back from his first vacation in eight years late Sunday night.



fter traveling with my oldest son,
I got home last night around 9:30, tired," said Edwards. "And about 11:30 I had a rude awakening."

It was the sound of hail pounding on his roof.

He was one of many who woke up Monday morning in Dumas to a very unpleasant surprise. Hail damage.

"We had about golf ball sized hail at my house," said Tammy Payne with Allstate Insurance.

Some people even said it was baseball sized.

For someone who owns are car dealership the sound of golf-ball sized hail is never good.



f course we usually put or cars away

," he said.


ut it was too late then."


he damage kept insurance companies in
Dumas busy all morning.



e've had a significant number of claims called in to the agency

," said Payne, an exclusive agent.


e've had a dozen that have driven in this morning.


everal dozen claims this morning so far."

She says that people who have damage need to contact their insurance companies as soon as possible.

"Most of the damage was auto glass and auto body, that we have seen today" said Payne. "


he sooner we're made aware of the damages.
The sooner we'll be able to repair those damages."


hat is exactly what
Edwards did, after seeing many hail storms he knows exactly what to do.


e has about
80 damaged cars on his lot and the insurance company will be out to assess the damage Tuesday morning.



e'll fix them up

," he said.


hen we get through with them, you'll never know they were damaged.
Discount them and sell them out the door."

Payne says to remember, i

f your home or car has any damage and you have not contacted your insurance agency, take pictures of the damage before you make any repairs.