Prepare to pay $5 per gallon for gas

With all the uncertainty about the events in Iran, many Americans are preparing to pay more at the pump.

U.S. crude oil is now $104 per barrel, and that could increase national gas prices by 20 cents.

"I never thought anything would happen that's happened in the last three years," Ric Esposito said. "It affects my life every day and we need to get this administration out of office and get people in that want to help folks."

Summer is the peak driving season, but with the price of gas on the rise many are thinking about canceling that yearly road trip. Others have purchased smart cars that get an average 40 miles to the gallon.

"I drive a smart car usually and it gets 42 miles per gallon," Don Goforth said. "I don't drive this one but once every three to six months."

Gas is up 40 cents from last year and that increasing trend is expected to continue. As long as oil producers continue to pass the cost along to refineries, gas station owners will continue to pass that cost to their consumers.

According to AAA Texas, Amarillo has had the cheapest gas in the the state of Texas for two weeks out of this month.