Preliminary autopsy results released on man tased

UPDATE: Amarillo Police have released the preliminary autopsy results on Kelly Sinclair. While the pathologist did not note a definitive cause of death, preliminary toxicology indicated that Sinclair did have narcotics in his system. In an updated press release, police said further results are undetermined pending further toxicology and microscopic studies.

T wo Amarillo police officers are on administrative leave after an incident Wednesday night left one man dead. Officers Jon Heath and Royce Bushey were called to a suicide call in the 600 block of S. Vernon around 9:10, where it was reported there was a suicidal subject armed with a knife.

The officers parked a short distance away and as they approached the home they heard loud muffled voices. As officers entered the yard they saw two people inside a parked pickup, and heard one of the men yelling at the other.

Officer Heath opened the driver's door and removed the driver, who put up no resistance, it was later determined he was the father of the other man, and was the one who called 911. Heath saw that the passenger, Kelly Wayne Sinclair, 41, was armed with a butcher knife. Sinclair quickly moved the knife to his throat and both officers felt he was attempting to take his own life.

Officer Heath fired his taser and hit Sinclair in his upper body, immediately stopping him from harming himself or anyone else. Bushey used his baton to break the passenger door window in order to unlock the door. Sinclair was removed from the pickup by Bushey, who disarmed him. The officer placed one handcuff on his wrist, while the taser was still deployed. The man was taken to the ground so that officers could fully take him into custody, and handcuff both hands. During this time the taser was turned off.

Sinclair resisted being handcuffed by putting his free arm under his body. Both officers were finally able to handcuff Sinclair, and it was then that the officers realized he wasn't breathing. An ambulance was called, and the two officers as well as other responding officers began CPR and placed an AED on Sinclair. He was transported to Northwest Texas Hospital where he was pronounced dead at 10:03 Wednesday night. Justice of the Peace Debbie Horn ordered an autopsy to be performed on Sinclair in Lubbock, Thursday morning.

The investigation, revealed that Sinclair had threatened to commit suicide at two different locations before this incident. Kelly Sinclair's father called 911 from a local business before taking his son home to report that his son was going to commit suicide.

The investigation also found that Sinclair has a long criminal history and was wanted out of Centerville, Texas for unauthorized use of a motor vehicle. He was suspected in the assault of a Centerville man, who was beaten with a rifle. Sinclair then stole a car and set it in on fire. A warrant on the assault had not been issued.

According to Sinclair's family, he had a history of trying to commit suicide and suffered from psychological problems. At this time, it's not known what specifically caused Sinclair to attempt to take his own life Wednesday night.

Both responding officers were interviewed by Special Crimes. Officers Heath and Bushey have been placed on three days administrative leave while the incident is being investigated.

The incident will be presented to the Potter County District Attorney and later to a Potter County grand jury for review. The incident is still under investigation. Anyone with information is asked to call the Special Crimes Unit at 378-9468.