Pregnant woman fatal wreck investigation complete

The investigation into the wreck that killed Brianna Gomez in December of 2010 is complete according to the Texas Department of Public Safety.According to a release sent out Wednesday afternoon, the case is now in the hands of the Hartley County District Attorney's Office. The report has been compiled by the Amarillo District Crash Reconstruction Team, and has been approved by officials in Austin.The District Attorney, David Green, said that his office had received the case. He will now go through the report, and forward any questions to the DPS. He says that the case will go before a grand jury, and he will try to get it onto the docket for the next one on May 18th. If he has any questions about the investigation, it may be June before it goes to a grand jury.

Gomez was pregnant when the wreck occured, and while she passed away her unborn son, Curren, was saved.

Colorado State Senator Suzanne Williams was driving the vehicle that veered into Gomez' lane.

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