Prayer vigil honors Sergeant Joshua Michael

The power of prayer, everyone has their opinion, but to America Supports You Texas and the Panhandle War Memorial, officials say it's something that goes beyond words.

"You're going to ask me something that might upset a lot of people, but I believe in it. I believe in it," said Fred Rangel Memorial President.

A prayer vigil was hosted Sunday afternoon at the Panhandle War Memorial for Sergeant Joshua Michael who was not only a hero in the military, but out of uniform as well.

A solider until the end, pushing his wife off the float that was struck by a train moments before impact.

"In this case, it's so tragic to have gone through everything that he went through in Iraq to be wounded several times in Iraq, and to be killed in this way," said Larry Lewis America Supports You Texas President.

Sergeant Michael served two tours in Iraq, he was wounded three times and awarded the purple heart, twice.

"It's very sad, they go over, fight for the freedom of America and come home and this tragic thing happens to them, it really is sad," said Rangel.

It was a tragedy that affected an entire family, and brought a community together.

Though there will be a hole that no one or nothing can mend, the two organizations hope that the vigil brought peace and support to the family.

"It will be a moment of reflection, and celebration for his life, that men like him do what they do for our country," said Lewis.

A Hereford native, a veteran, and a hero, for him the community unites.

"We're behind them, and if there's anything that we can do, we'll do it," said Rangel.

The funeral for Sergeant Michael will be in Amarillo after thanksgiving, but a time and place has yet to be announced.