PRANA group plans to build big in northeast Amarillo

From reworking downtown development to the northeast side of Amarillo, a local development group is putting time and money into an area that's mapped-out for manufacturing.

It's field-after-field, and with thousands of acres of empty land, the PRANA Development Group saw an opportunity for growth.

Partner James Wester said, "What we were looking for is what we consider underutilized property, and based upon that, we saw the old air force base which has been out there for 50 years."



the transportation
options and East Amarillo College (AC) are what attracted the group to the area. PRANA entered into an agreement with East AC and will utilize its excess property which is now called East Port..


ccording to the
City Planning Director Kelley Shaw, a group like Prana could not have chosen a better spot to build.



's taken advantage of some wide spaces, there


large manufacturing type development or there's railroad spurs if you need that type of infrastructure



he said.

The group said



upcoming project is much bigger than any commercial building or manufacturing plant




e showed some numbers at a luncheon yesterday


12,000 people currently work out there in that area, and so we do think that there is an opportunity for residential development." Wester said.

The city said it has multiple things to consider when planning to build residential in an area like northeast Amarillo.



ou have to kind of make sure you're not putting incompatible land uses in close proximity to each other

," Shaw said.


you know, the manufacturing brings the jobs, the jobs bring the people and the people need the houses, so it all works together."

Wester also said the development in northeast Amarillo will be bought in phases, right now phase one will include the land purchased from East AC. The group estimates the project will take anywhere from 20-25 years to complete.