Prairie dog protest: Relocate or not?

UPDATE: Coming up on ProNews 7 this evening, meet the person behind the prairie dog facebook page, and find out why they are so passionate about these little critters.

Previously Posted: C onstruction along I-40 and Soncy continues to expand. But as it does, one local group says dozens of prairie dogs are being forced out of their homes.

In between Drury Inn and the newly forming Jimmy John's Restaurant is a small field. A field that "Save the Prairie Dogs" Facebook page and website say will be paved over soon with all the construction in that area. Signs have been posted in protest. Signs reading, "Stop, paving over the prairie dogs and relocate them". Some more jokingly, saying "Don't make us unite". The group is encouraging others to post signs as well.

ProNews 7 did try contacting someone from the Facebook page, "Save the Prairie Dogs" as well as the owner of the property. But our attempts were unsuccessful. There's also no sign posted saying what, if anything is coming to that spot, so it's unclear what will happen there.

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