Power outage update

UPDATE 1:55 p.m. Xcel Energy says it has up to eight crews working in Mesilla Park rebuilding the main feeder line. They hope to get that line back today so power can be restored to the homes that weren't damaged. Three crews are in Palisades working on a tap line. The power company hopes it can re-energize that neighborhood by late this evening.

Previously posted Xcel Energy just released the latest update on the power situation throughout the Texas Panhandle.

A spokesperson for the company said they only have 26 customers in the Panhandle region without power and that those issues could be resolved today. However, dozens more remain without power in the areas directly impacted by the fire, many of those are homes that were damaged during the fire. Wes Reeves, with Xcel, said Mesilla Park and Palisades are both without power, the company said they are bringing crews in from neighboring towns to go through the neighborhoods and assess the damage.

We are expected to get more information this afternoon.