Potter County utilizes students for early voting

Nearly 300 voters came out for the first day of early voting, and those voters might have been helped by some new faces working the polls.

Kensi Syvoraraj is a senior at Tascosa High School. She's not eligible to vote, but she spent all day Tuesday at one of the polling locations.

"I didn't have to be in school today, but I had to be here at six in the morning," Syvoraraj said.

Syvoraraj is just one of the many high school students who will be working at the five early voting locations in Potter County.

"I'm a student election clerk," Syvoraraj said. "I just signed up because I thought it would be an awesome opportunity to see the polls and how they work."

Elections Administrator Melynn Huntley said, students had to train before they could work at any location. She said since the county expected a large turnout in voters, it needed the extra help.

"We played around with the idea of having them help last year, but this year it was definitely a go and it's working out."

Syvoraraj said, although she's only allowed to work two days, it's the perfect opportunity to get the younger crowd and those eligible -- out to vote.

"When I told my friends what I was doing, there were six who said they were going to vote," Syvoraraj said. "So I just think that having everyone that's younger get involved into the election helps."

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