Potter County Sheriff's Office scam reported

Scam artists are impersonating law enforcement and getting the victim to give them credit money.

The Potter County Sheriff's Office and Amarillo Police Department have both received phone calls about a scam by a man impersonating an officer.

The caller is using an 806-200 phone number, and states that he's with the Sheriff's office, using the name Deputy Ryan or Bryan Miller or Lt. Carl Jones.

"We have no one working at the Sheriff's Office under either name," said the Sheriff's Office.

The scam artist is telling potential victims that they've missed a court summons, suggesting that the person buy a Green Dot Money Pack in the amount of $485.19 for the court costs and an additional $468 for a Failure to Appear (FTA) charge.

The caller then requests the activation number/transaction code number on the card. Once they have this information, they have access to the money on the card.

Please make note of this scam, and report any additional information to the Potter County Sheriff's Office at 806-379-2900.