Potter County Sheriffâ??s Department investigating case of the recovered 13 neglected dogs

The Potter County Sheriffâ??s department is currently investigating the case of the 13 abandoned and malnourished digs recovered at a warehouse in Potter County.

Sheriff Brian Thomas said they get usual calls on animal checks, but this call was a â??rare dealâ??

â??The 13 dogs were extremely infested with fleas and ticks. Theyâ??re body weight was poor. Two ended up going to the vet,â?? Thomas said.

The Sheriffâ??s department got an anonymous call to East Saint Francis about the abandoned dogs.

â??There was no food inside the building the dogs were at. There was a gallon of water but the buckets were so low and because the size of the dogs, they couldn't get to it,â?? Thomas said.

11 of the dogs are at Animal Management and Welfare. Two of the other dogs were sent to Hope Animal Clinic.

Dr. Sarah Ciera at Hope clinic said the two dogs are now doing well, but didnâ??t think theyâ??d make it at first.

"They couldn't stand on their own, and couldn't get to their bowl to drink," Viera said.

Right now, the sheriffâ??s department said they are trying to locate the owner of the warehouse and have a couple of names.

Pronews 7 called the county attorneyâ??s office to see what the person at fault could face.

According to the Texas Penal Code, a cruelty to animal offense could result in a Class A Misdemeanor , and carries a punishment of one year in county jail and a four thousand dollar fine.

Viera also said residents can help.

"If people call Potter County and show interest in adopting the dogs that were seized, they won't put them down," Viera said.

Sheriff Thomas said none of the dogs had tags when they were found.