Potter County looking into Railroad Museum finances

Tuesday the Potter County Commission was set to hear from the Santa Fe Railroad Museum Foundation about where they stood on the Museum. However, the Chair of the Foundation, Walter Woofram had a conflect and couldnâ??t attend.

He did send along a plan that included some options.

Commissioners plan to put the issue on the agenda for the next Commission meeting, November 25th, to get a better picture of finances.

Assistant Potter County Attorney, Dave Kemp, says "Thereâ??s money out there weâ??ve been kicking in $50,000 for several years.ã?? This is quite a bit of money and I think Commissioners would like to know about it."

Potter County Commissioner Leon Church says, "Weâ??ve been giving money toward that for several years, eight or nine, and weâ??reã?? concerned about whatâ??s happening with that money."

Kemp agreed, "They would like to know more about the financial aspect of it, not that thereâ??s anything wrong."

Private donations were also given to the museum and artifacts for display purposes.