Potter County Justice of Peace candidate talks about past charges

Potter County Justice of Peace candidate talks about past charges

Republican candidate Rich Harmon who is running for Potter County Justice of Peace Precinct 2 reached out to Pronews 7 to discuss past charges on his record on Friday.

Harmon currently has a Class A Misdemeanor on his record for assault causing injury to a family member. At first, Herman was charged with a third degree felony and continued to plead no contest until 2012 when he pled guilty to the misdemeanor. The charges were deferred and he was not convicted.

â??I want the public to know everything. I donâ??t want skeletons in my closet,â?? Herman said.

When asked if he ever assaulted his wife, he said â??No, Neverâ??.

Herman said he only pled guilty for the sake of his family, especially his kids.

â??It had been dragging on for a while. Everybody got closure that way,â?? Herman said.

Current Potter County Precinct 2 Justice of the Peace, Nancy Bosquez, said it was brought to her attention to look into Hermanâ??s past.

â??We did check to make sure. Itâ??s all public record with felony assaults. What we found was that heâ??s been arrested but those were reduced to misdemeanor charges," Bosquez said.

Herman said he was shocked when he got the call bringing up the charges. He said â??itâ??s not something that should be brought up in the election,â?? and that itâ??s â??irrelevant".

He said he wants to help the communityâ??s children, and that he would be the better choice for the position.

â??I can make a better decision than someone that sits up there and puts people in jail and gives them fines. Youâ??re going to book a kid on a truancy charge? Or worse, their parents who then canâ??t work? I donâ??t think thatâ??s effective,â?? Herman said.

Bosquez, however, said it wouldnâ??t be wise to place him in this position.

"It's a concern we feel that we can adjudicate over these cases when you've been charged with something like this,â?? Bosquez said.

Randall County District Attorney James Farren said even with the charge, Herman can still run.

"As far as disqualifying a person, no, a misdemeanor wouldn't have an impact at all. A felony would," Farren said.

Samaritan Counseling said theyâ??re not speaking for the case, but do say domestic violence is a serious issue that many victims mask for years.

â??The most destructive part of domestic violence is mainly to the party being abused. Thereâ??s a lot of fear, a lot of hiding,â?? Samaritan Counselingâ??s John Schell said.

The election is Tuesday, November 4th.