Potter County Courthouse hosts grand opening

Amarillo celebrated the open doors of the Potter County Courthouse Saturday afternoon. It's been a long road to get to it's completion, 19-years in the making.

Eight decades ago the Potter County Courthouse had it's first grand opening on January 18th. Saturday that same courthouse stands, but it wasn't an easy road.

"Starting off, about three years ago some of the challenges were the unknowns of the project. We thought we covered everything on preservation, there is always an unknown, your going get into something that is a behind a wall you didn't know existed or things beneath the floor, things of this nature that creates a whole different avenue," said Mike Head, Director of Facilities.

One significant problem that Potter County overcame was the construction company. The company in the end owed the county, $1200 a day starting in January because of the delay in completion. County employees have been moved out of the building for fours years and on September 14th will move back in.

"We are just so excited, this is a long time coming, I mean this building, I've always felt it was a beautiful building. I cant say enough, there is so much change that needed to be done renovations to bring it back to it's original form," said Nancy Bosquez, Justice of the Peace Precinct 2.

$17 million later, renovations to this historic building has brought the old back to life.

"You look at construction today, it's a little different, you have steel structure, masonry, it's a little different, the buildings you see today probably are not gonna last 25, 30, to 40 years, this will out live any of them," said Head.

Once again the courthouse is ready to serve as a temple of justice for Potter County.

The courthouse will house 60-percent of Potter County employees.