Potter County Commissioners want financial disclosure regarding Santa Fe Railroad Museum

Itâ??s been more than five years since Potter County started giving money to the Santa Fe Railroad Museum Foundation.

"We've contributed close to $400,000 to the fulfillment of the museum, so we've been specifically asking for financial documents per the contract, dating back from 2006,â?? said Mercy Murguia, Potter County Commissioner.

Years later, and there is still no museum and no complete records of where the money is. Walter Wolfram, the chair of the foundation present some documents at the commissioners meeting on Tuesday.

Murguia asked Wolfram about the documents that are missing from 2006 to 2008.

Wolfram said â??Thatâ??s all we have.â??

â??Information was provided to the court, it was partial at best,â?? Murguia said.

Wolfram as unable to answer questions regarding administrative and fundraising fees.

â??Those questions were asked specifically of Mr. Wolfram, which he could not address and indicated that needed to be resolved by his treasurer,â?? Murguia said.

In the meeting, Wolfram said â??the implication is, commissioner, is that weâ??ve done something wrong with our money. I donâ??t like that.â??

Wolfram did accept an audit, which the county auditor will oversee.