Potter County commissioners consider budget cuts, gains


ensions were high at

the Potter C

ounty budget workshop
Monday afternoon.


epartments from around the county defended their proposed budgets for the
2013-2014 fiscal year. The county judge, county commissioners, representatives from the Sheriff's Department, and elections officials were just some of the groups represented at Monday's meeting.

"We're going through each department's budget, line by line, deciding what we need to cut and what we need to add," said Potter County Commissioner Leon Church. "We're looking at quite a few more requests than we have income for so we have a tough job in the next few days."

Over a 3-day

period, commissioners will go through proposed budgets and decide what will stay and what will go. Although no official budget decisions will be made in those meetings, they will discuss how they plan to spend $52 Million dollars.


hurch sa


the biggest hot-button issue
in the workshop was the debate on building projects in the county.

"We have a committee looking into what we're going to do with those facilities and of course, not all of the commissioners are involved with that committee, and so some of the decisions we need to make we're going to have to make a little blindly and that concerns me a little," said Church.

The public can attend those meetings in Amarillo at 500 S. Fillmore St.